Why You Should Choose Nutiva Hemp Protein

Of all the Hemp Protein I’ve put to the test, Nutiva is overall superior product.  On our product comparison we do a side-by-side view of hemp protein suppliers and products – as well as the multiple positive reviews of their customers.

Here are some of Nutiva’s hemp protein options and ideas of how to implement hemp protein into your daily diet this year:

Shelled Hemp Seeds – Pure, raw shelled hemp seeds ready for eating that go great with cereal, yogurt, soups, salads, and more.  A crunchy protein packed addition to your diet.

Raw Protein Powder – The choice of Athletes and smootie-makers everywhere, Nutiva’s raw organic hemp protein powder provides all the protein you need.  There is also a high-protein option and a high-fiber option as well, so you’ve got options depending on your diet.

Hemp Oil – Cook with hemp oil, or pour some over your salads and veggies for an extra protein kick and enhanced flavor.  The fatty acids in hemp protein help digestion as well as all the nutritional benefits of eating hemp.

More Products for Those on the Go – If you want a quick protein boost, Nutiva also has delicious hempseed bars.  Their chocolate hemp bar is tasty and nutritious.  Hempshakes are easy, quick and delicious as well.  Packs of organic hemp protein in different flavors, ready for quick and easy shakes!

And to top it all off, all Nutiva hemp products are all USDA Certified Organic.  So rest assured that the protein benefits are not only nutritious, they’re also free of preservatives and pesky additives.

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