Who Can Benefit With Hemp Protein Supplements?

Hemp protein is not only a complete protein but has nutritional benefits as well, making it universally beneficial to anyone. Not only is hemp a natural plant protein so it can be ingested by anyone on a strict or specific diet but it has nutrients that can help out almost any health goal from building muscle pre- and post-work out to ensuring health in the later years of life. There is a myth that even Buddha himself lived off of Indian hemp seed when he was performing his asceticism.

Hemp protein is most beneficial for:

  • Vegetable-centered diets– Some people choose to stray away from including meat or even any animal based food products in their diet, such as vegetarians or vegans. Hemp protein is a great plant alternative for this group of people because it replaces the protein they are not getting from foods such as meat and eggs. Not only is hemp a plant, it can be easily ingested in a raw and natural form.
  • Athletes and bodybuilders– For athletes and bodybuilders it is the goal to ingest enough protein that will allow them to keep their muscles in the best shape possible. Protein helps muscles build stronger at a faster pace. Most athletes take protein before and after a workout to ensure healthy strong muscles before, and muscle repair for strain after. Hemp can help wonders for this goal because it contains the correct amino acids as well as fatty acids that will allow for muscles to work and grow effectively. The other nutritional benefits for the blood only help protein enter into the body quicker. Hemp protein is a great supplement for this group of people.
  • Weight loss goals– Not only is hemp protein helpful for maintaining a healthy diet which can increase weight loss, but it is extremely high in fiber content. Fiber can help increase the metabolism which can only add to the increase of metabolism from daily exercise. Also hemp protein is a blood protein so it will help even out the blood sugar and decrease hunger pangs.
  • Dairy Allergies– Hemp protein is a great source of protein straight from a plant, with no trace of dairy whatsoever but loaded with solid protein and fiber.
  • Senior Citizens– Hemp protein can do nothing but help improve health for senior citizens and allow their bodies to work and feel better for longer. The protein can help keep muscle mass from deteriorating too fast as bodies grow older, and more muscle mass can also protect bones from bone loss.

In any case hemp seed protein is beneficial to everyone because it is a complete protein, full of fiber, very natural, and not genetically modified like so many other supplements now days.  With 8 of the essential amino acids needed for life, omegas-3, -6, and -9, as well as other nutritional content, hemp protein is full of well balanced nutrients for a healthier, longer, and happier life.

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  1. k.langston says:


    Am trying to reduce weight in a healthy manner. How many hemp protein drinks could be safely ingested in one day as not to cause overload to kidneys.

    Thank you

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