What Does Hemp Protein Taste Like?

Hemp protein is one of the best protein powders you can have for an athletic or weightlifting diet. However, taste is important when it’s something you’ll be eating on a daily basis.

Hemp protein has a nutty plant vegetable flavor to it – slightly nuttier than flax. An organic, raw hemp protein powder is straight hemp – kosher, soy, and gluten free. If you like greens, you will love hemp protein.

Note – if you’ve been eating sweet, sugar-laden or chemically sweetened protein supplements all your life, it’s very natural to eat earthy, natural hemp protein. If you fall into this category, don’t worry, there are things you can do to improve the taste of your hemp protein.

1) You’ll quickly find when you make your first hemp protein smoothie or shake that the hemp protein is gritty unless it sits for a couple minutes. Instead of gulping it down immediately, wait a couple minutes after your drink is mixed and it will nice and thick with a frothy top.

2) Find a flavored hemp protein. Some brands carry hemp protein powders in chocolate and vanilla flavors as well.

3) Learn to enjoy the natural flavor of hemp seed based proteins. Hemp protein is a highly natural, highly effective raw protein source that will aid in your working out and is an alternative to the over-priced, and over-processed proteins that most stores carry.

4) If you absolutely can’t drink it without a sweet mixture, then you’ll find hemp protein mixes well with orange juice, fruits, and other vegetables to disguise the flavor. Make your own smoothie recipes with nutritious hemp protein!

Another benefit of eating hemp protein is that you’ll quickly notice that unlike dairy protein supplements, hemp protein will not cause bad breath or encourage halitosis. This is likely due to its natural plant nature and good fibers that aid in your digestion.

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