Benefits of Hemp Protein

Hemp protein offers health benefits for regular use and consumption from any person for any walk of life.  Each regular serving of Hemp protein powder packs over 11 grams of protein and 14 grams of fiber in each drink you make.

  • You Won’t Lose your Existing Muscles – For anyone who’s lifestyle includes building muscle mass everyday, a constant worry is that switching protein powders, or adding a hemp protein powder supplement to your everyday nutrition intake will cause your body to react differently to a work out regimen. With hemp protein there is no need to be concerned about losing your already existing muscles. There is even a chance that because hemp protein is a complete protein it can help build muscle mass especially when combined with other beneficial supplements.
  • Very Consistent Quality of Protein – because of the perfect balance of EFA’s (essential fatty acids) Omegas 3, 6, and 9, hemp protein is a sure way to get a great blend of benefiting nutrients to supplement your health and improve your body.
  • It Won’t Make You Feel Fat – Many times with a protein supplement there is a chance of protein causing you to feel extremely full as if you are bigger than you really are, making you uncomfortable and definitely not feeling up to a great workout. Because hemp protein is a natural plant protein and not genetically modified or processed like animal proteins it also makes the body feel more natural during intake and digestion. No need to feel fat!
  • Your Breath Won’t Smell Bad – Lets face it, no one wants to smell your breath after gulping down any kind of protein supplement or shake. A dairy-based protein supplement does nothing for your breath. However, with hemp protein powders the plant based protein is natural and leaves no lingering digesting taste or smell in your mouth.
  • No Additives or Artificial Ingredients – Most often hemp protein comes in its natural plant form: unprocessed, not genetically modified (non-GMO), and nothing added in that will cancel out all of the nutrition you are taking in with the hemp protein. With hemp protein there are no worries about ingesting anything harmful or unnatural for your body.
  • Aids Your Digestion – One great benefit of hemp protein is the fiber content which allows your body to easily take in and digest the nutrients of the powder, not to mention take in the nutrients a lot faster.  In addition, fiber naturally cleans out your body from the inside to keep you feeling anything but full or bloated.

As long as you are observant and mindful of the hemp protein powder you purchase, you will gain much more from hemp than you would not taking it at all.

Because hemp protein powders come from a plant, there is a chance that has been genetically modified. The easiest way to make sure that the plant crop has not been modified to repel pesticides is to look on the label of the hemp protein you are purchasing and check to see if it is non-GMO. All products are required to label themselves whether they are genetically modified (GMO) or not. Stick with non-GMO hemp protein, offering numerous advantages and benefits to your body you might miss out on with any other.

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